Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

1.  A couple of things that I learned in the videos were how to sync the ipad to my laptop, and I learned that Spring Branch has a repository for apps.

2.  Management is key, but having guidelines for students to follow and procedures in place will help students know ahead of time what is expected of them.

I don't have any major suggestions other than keep trying things and playing with the technology.  Using it regularly is the key to making it a routine part of your classroom instruction.


I watched the entire video, but since I use my own iPad regularly, I am quite familiar with how it works, and there was nothing new in the video to learn.

In order to appropriately manage the iPads in the classroom, we will first review and discuss the rules regarding technology posted in the Student Handbook.  We will generate guidelines regarding how to share the iPads. We will also discuss how to care for them appropriately.  We will have elections for "Technology Teachers" in each classroom and those elected will take charge when there are any technolgoical difficulties or questions regarding iPads

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