Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tool #7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

TLW collaborate with Mrs. Jasek's 10th grade classrooms via Skype regarding ideas they have to improve STARR essays.  This project will be implemented in mid-February in order to allow enough time to reflect on the other classroom's ideas and implement their ideas to several practice essays.  We will be using Skype and Google Docs.

The Plan:Before Skyping another classroom, we will brainstorm what has been successful in our STARR essays and what we believe needs more work.  We will then type that information into a Google Doc, which will have our class ideas and the ideas of the other classes added to it.  We will then call Mrs. Jasek's 10th grade classroom and will discuss what obstacles we encounter with writing and will solicit their ideas on how to improve upon them.  We will also offer advice to them and answer their questions.  Finally, we will type one practice essay per student into Google Docs, which will be edited and commented on by a member of the class with which we Skype. 

In December students from my different class periods used Google Docs to create "Mind Maps" for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  This tool enable students to complete the majority of their projects online.  They met in the classroom for 15 minutes to put the projects on posters for presentation in the classroom.  It was a fun and efficient.

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